Vive Amore! February Estate Planning Dinner Special Giveaway

From the desk of Del Mar, San Diego Trust Attorney, Kristina Hess

Vive Amore!

Make An Appointment For A FREE Family Legacy Planning Session And I’ll Buy You A Romantic Dinner For Two At Pacifica Del Mar

Dear San Diegans,

You know me as your neighborhood San Diego Personal Estate Planning Lawyer.

But, for the month of February, I am also your local Romance Director!

Let me explain…

You are busy. Pre-occupied with work or kids or both! Who has the time or the energy to think about “romance”?

For You I Have A Solution!

In just a minute, I’m going to tell you how you can get a FREE romantic dinner for two. But first…

One of the best ways to show that you LOVE your family is to have all of your financial ducks in a row and make sure your kids are taken care of by people you LOVE if the unthinkable should happen to you and your spouse.

My Valentine’s Day Gift To You
Has A Value Of $750 But Is Worth MUCH More To Your Family

If you make an appointment this month for a “Family Legacy Planning Session,”  I will waive the regular $750 planning fee.

During your planning session you will:

  • Choose the Right Guardians for Your Kids and Avoid 6 Common Mistakes!
  • Get Your Financial House in Order and Keep it that Way!
  • Learn How to Prepare Your Kids for Life Without You!
  • Discover How To Legally Avoid ALL Estate Taxes!
  • Learn the secret to protecting your children’s inheritance from lawsuits and divorce!
  • Discover how to leave your loved ones a gift that is far greater than all the money in the world!

Plus, much, much more!

The appointment is FREE and there is NO OBLIGATION and NO PRESSURE.

Plus, if you own your home, have kids under 18 and are one of the first 10 to make an appointment now, at our meeting, I will give you a gift certificate for $100.00, good for a romantic dinner for two at Pacifica Del Mar!  Enjoy the ocean view and the delightful cuisine.

To make your appointment, call Linda Smith at 858.461.6844 or go online at and say you want

Kristina’s February Romance Special!