Charitable Remainder Trust with Kristina Hess (audio)

The Benefits of a Charitable Remainder Trust Listen as Jack and Kristina walk through a scenario where a charitable remainder trust could benefit his clients who are interested in downsizing their primary residence. The benefits of a Charitable Remainder Trust include: Eliminate capital gains taxes on the amount going into …

Reduce Estate Taxes to Maximize Your Wealth Transfer

Estate tax exemptions are expected to decrease in the near future. However, ILITs (irrevocable life insurance trusts) can help you reduce estate taxes to maximize your wealth transfer to future generations.

In this episode of Kyle Malmstrom’s podcast, Kyle speaks with Kristina Hess, estate planning attorney at KR Hess Law, PC. Join Kyle and Kristina as they explain what ILITs are, how to set them up, the tax benefits, and why they are becoming increasingly relevant among high-net-worth individuals.

In this episode, Kristina discusses:

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Guide to 2018 Estate Tax Law Changes

From the desk of San Diego Trust and Estate Attorney, Kristina R. Hess of KR Hess Law, PC

Greetings and a very Happy New Year!

I hope everyone is having an amazing new year. 2018 is set to be a stellar year – even if we have a little market correction going on …

We are in full swing here at KR Hess Law and will continue to offer regular seminars on the Truth About Estate Planning.

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Complimentary Analysis and Risk Assessment

Southern California Asset Protection Planning Attorney Kristina Hess offers you a complimentary analysis and risk assessment. Are your hard-earned assets protected from lawsuits?

How to Handle Your Vacation Home – San Diego Estate Planning

Estate Attorney, Kristina R Hess discusses how to handle your vacation home in your estate planning. Things to consider with regard to whether you keep the home in the family, fund the home to a trust, and confront potential problems head on.