San Diego Estate Planning Services

Asset Protection

If you want to avoid losing your hard earned wealth in claims or litigation, then, yes, it is necessary to protect your money.

Estate Planning

KR Hess Law¬†developed 4 levels of estate planning that cover a range of needs, depending on your family’s character and assets.


Are your children protected if something were to happen to you? San Diego Attorney Kristina Hess can help with existing plans or help create a new plan.

Legacy Building

KR Hess Law will work with you to build a system that will set up your family for generations of legacy and success. Contact us today for legacy building!


San Diego Probate Attorney Kristina Hess can help you avoid the pain, frustration, family division, time, and expense of the California Probate Court.

Special Needs Planning

Ensure your special needs child has access to their inheritance and government benefits. Click here to begin the special needs planning process.

Small Business Planning

San Diego Attorney Kristina Hess can help with small business planning for LLCs, S Corporation formation, and business succession planning. Get started.