San Diego Probate Court, Vista Probate Court Attorney … Help my mom just passed away

From the desk of San Diego Probate Attorney, Kristina R. Hess…

The unthinkable happens…. someone you love is gone well before what you thought was “their time.”  It happened to me.  My dad was 66 when he died suddenly on a fishing trip in Alaska. Sure, he was a “senior citizen” at that point, but I thought I had more time with him.  I wasn’t ready to say good bye.  Fortunately, my dad had established a living trust with a local San Diego trust attorney years earlier, so we did not have to go through San Diego Probate Court, or Vista Probate Court.

Unfortunately, the unthinkable happens to people I know everyday.

So, what do you do when your mother or father, or another loved one dies suddenly?

Maybe your San Diego parent had been “meaning” to get around to putting an estate plan in place.  Maybe they had tried to “do it themselves” but never got around to finalizing the details.   I am sure they had the best of intentions, but maybe now you are sitting here reading this post, trying hard not to panic, asking yourself, “What NOW??”

Step 1, Contact a San Diego Probate Attorney like Kristina Hess

Contact a San Diego Probate Attorney.  Here, at KR Hess Law, we can help you navigate this difficult and painful time.  Don’t panic, help is a phone call away.  Kristina will skillfully and compassionately help you through this time.

Step 2, Prepare an Inventory of Assets

The first thing you have to do is gather an inventory of assets.  Did your mom or dad own a home?  Did they have retirement accounts, bank accounts, stock, bonds, brokerage accounts?  Did they own rental properties, or businesses?