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Kristina R. Hess is the Lawyers’ Lawyer and is the lawyer of choice when other attorneys plan their estates. — S. Super, Esq.

Personal Attention to Your Details

San Diego Estate Planning Law Firm, KR Hess Law’s estate plans are tailored to each client’s individual needs, desires, and personal circumstances. Attorney Kristina Hess will work with you to create a comprehensive plan that allows you to control your assets, plan for life’s contingencies, avoid probate, and minimize taxes while passing on your legacy to future generations.  Kristina wants to make sure you get the best plan possible and that it will work exactly how you intended when the time comes.

Relationships for Life

Kristina at San Diego estate planning workshop
Kristina (on the right) at one of her San Diego estate planning workshops

With the traditional estate planning law firm, you will get documents once and never hear from the lawyer again. If you create a will, trust or other estate planning documents once then forget them, they are not going to work when your assets, your family or the law changes.

Kristina wants to be your family’s trusted advisor for life. KR Hess Law periodically reviews your plan to make sure it will work when your loved ones need it. KR Hess Law offers two options for ongoing needs: 1) premium lifetime plans or 2) a membership program for ongoing and affordable legal counsel so the necessary changes don’t get put off until someday. We limit the number of lifetime clients we take on, so you can assure you will always get the personal attention your family deserves.

Up-Front, Flat Fees Only

KR Hess Law has tossed out the time clocks. No more billing in the six minute increments that most lawyers do. All our fees are agreed upon in advance, on a flat-fee basis, so you will never have any surprises. Nor will you be afraid to call your lawyer to get much needed advice. KR Hess Law encourages clients to contact us with questions or concerns.

Creating Legacies that Last

Your wealth is about so much more than just your money. Yes passing on your financial wealth to future generations is important and valuable but you also have intangible wealth —your faith, your wealth of wisdom, your values, your family history, stories, and your life experiences. Your wealth is so much richer than just money. Every client has an opportunity to be intentional about leaving a video or writing, memorializing and transferring this intangible wealth.  In addition, for families who are really serious about leaving a powerful, enduring legacy, check out our Legacy Building Success System ™… if you want to build a Legacy Family.

For more information, read a letter from Kristina Hess to San Diego Families. We look forward to hearing from you, and caring for your family and your estate planning needs soon.

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