Estate Planning Client Reviews

We have completed hours of work gathering documents to finalize our Living Trust with an excellent Trust Attorney. My colleague and her husband attended a seminar where there were ten Trust Attorneys, and they were most impressed with one. They executed their Living Trust with her, and we decided to do the same.

— Barbara

My experience with Kristina and her team has been first rate. I had been putting off creating a Trust because it could be a frustrating and intimidating process, especially if the attorney was male. But finding a caring, patient, brilliant female changed all that. I felt safe. I am so thankful to have Kristina to discuss matters WITH me, not TO me.

— Carole S. (San Diego, CA)

Kristina is the opposite of the stereotypical attorney in every way! She is kind and caring, and it was obvious to me that she was much more concerned about representing me well than soaking me for a lot of money. She even returned my email with a phone call while on vacation! She is extremely knowledgeable and efficient, as is her staff. My sister’s estate was very challenging in many ways, and she dealt with some difficult and nasty attorneys in a professional way without lowering herself to their level. I cannot say enough to recommend her.

— With enthusiasm and affection, Linda P. (San Diego, CA)

I found Kristina after interviewing 3 other lawyers to update my estate plan. It was a easy choice to choose Kristina after we discussed what I had and what I wanted and she outlined an updated trust plan very clearly. All the other potential lawyers may have prepared great docs as well but if I did not understand them, then my confidence in what I got would always be a question mark. So make sure you get a lawyer you feel you can talk to.

As for the documents, Kristina and her team kept me informed on the progress and asked very pertinent questions to ensure we are on the same page. A nice final binder prepared with various instructions eg funding the estate, was given to me at the end along with a graphical chart of my estate summary as the estate passed from one generation to the next. Kristina personally handled all the key legal questions I had via email and was very responsive. The team also followed up to ensure you are funding the trust.

I am extremely pleased with the service and value provided by KR Hess and will recommend them whenever the occasion merits.

— J.C. (San Diego, CA)

Kristina and her team are absolutely outstanding, and I recommend them without reservation. They were particularly sensitive and understanding in dealing with my family member who can be a bit of a “challenge”–straightforward and clear, but knowing how to finesse communications to suit the client. I also appreciated the up front pricing, which took a lot of stress out of the situation. The entire process of updating a Trust and Will was completely smooth and I would strongly suggest anyone with a loved one who needs sensitive and competent representation make Kristina their first stop. I look forward to using KR Hess Law for any of our family’s planning and business needs in the future.

— Cynthia R. (San Diego, CA)

Highly recommend Kristina and her excellent staff. My trust, and my Mom’s was dated and other attorneys recommended more expensive changes. I shopped around and luckily found KR Hess on Yelp and couldn’t be happier. They don’t charge hourly like others do so there’s no rush and Kristina truly cares about taking care of her clients families. Best choice by far!!

— Robin E. (San Diego, CA)

Kristina is wonderful in every way. As a lawyer myself, my expectations of her client-service and knowledge of the law were high; and, in addition to that,  I was pretty nervous to go through the process of creating a family trust. Kristina instantly put me at ease, with the perfect blend of professionalism and warmth. The entire process was simple, at times fun, and she and her office staff were extremely efficient.  She explained a very complex area of law in a way that my husband and I easily understood, which enabled us to create exactly the right kind of estate plan. Her services go well beyond just the creation of a legal document, and she is affordable, to boot. Highly recommend her!

— Sarah S. (Carlsbad, CA)

Top notch, knowledgeable, accommodating and professional are the words I would use to describe Kristina as she navigated us though our estate planning. I would highly recommend anyone looking for an estate planner to call Kristina. Very satisfied with her service and attitude throughout the whole process.

— Joshua S. (Carlsbad, CA)

Kristina is sharp, knowledgeable, and professional. We felt confident in providing our trust information to her and her qualified staff to ensure that we had the most current legal information included in our documents that were drafted years ago. Make sure to keep your legal documents current! She’s an excellent resource to ensure that you have all your ducks in a row! We will definitely recommend this firm to our friends and family with confidence.

— Ruby R. (San Diego, CA)

We had Kristina handle our estate planning and she did a wonderful job from beginning to end. She is thorough, knowledgable and takes the time to really understand her client’s needs. In addition to being a great lawyer, she is also very nice and very responsive to emails. I had several questions for her as we worked on putting together our trust and she always got back to me right away. I really enjoyed working with Kristina and I would definitely recommend her to my friends and family.

— Karen B. (San Diego, CA)

I attended Kristina’s “Truth About Estate Planning” seminar in 2013, she is extremely knowledgeable about the laws respective to estate planning. She listened carefully about my needs and proposed a solution to achieve my goals. Her follow up has been excellent, I have always received prompt replies to all of my requests.

— John S. (La Jolla, CA)