San Diego Estate Planning New Year’s Resolution

From the desk of Kristina Hess, San Diego Trust Attorney

I love January.  I write this every January it seems.  But, I particularly love January this year because after last year, a clean slate, fresh start, and new beginning is more refreshing than ever!!

So, as a San Diego will and trust attorney I am writing to you about getting your legal house in order.

Has getting a will, child guardianship plan, and/or living trust been on your list of things to do for awhile now?

Is getting your legal affairs in order on your list of new year’s resolution?

Or maybe, you just had a new baby, and you are overwhelmed by this and cannot even entertain the thought about someone else raising your precious baby.

Maybe you have been meaning, wanting, thinking about getting your legal affairs in order but you just haven’t gotten around to doing anything… yet.

Well, no time like the present.

Make good on your resolution to make sure you will, trust, and other legal planning documents are in order.

Maybe you need a kids protection plan, so that your precious child were never to end up in the arms of strangers and those you love would be able to easily take him/her if an emergency arose and the authorities wouldn’t get involved.

Maybe your San Diego living trust is out of date, your assets have changed, your life has changed, or the law has changed and you need to make it up to date.

Whatever, the case, here’s your gentle nudge to make good on your resolution.

Ask me for your free new year’s gift if you come see Kristina Hess during January!

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Kristina Hess