Dealing with Loss of a Loved One

From the desk of Del Mar Estate Planning Attorney, Kristina Hess….
In the business of San Diego estate planning, I have the privilege of meeting people in various stages of life.  I work with a lot of young families, helping them to plan and provide for their precious children.  I also work with single people who are either yet to be married, or are divorced.

I also work with older couples who want to make sure all their documents are up to date.  You may be surprised to learn that if you have not had your trust reviewed in the last 3 years, it probably needs some updating.  Your assets change, your life changes, and the law has been changing frequently.

But in all of this, I meet a lot of wonderful people and sometimes, I meet people who have suffered the loss of loved ones.

There is nothing like losing a loved one too soon, to remind you that no one is promised tomorrow.  No one!  Death awaits us all and has a 100% success ratio.

And while your heart is breaking into a lot of little pieces… you may not know what to do.

There are resources out there to help you.  For example, many churches provide support groups.  Solana Beach Presbyterian Church offers a Divorce Recovery Workshop.  Other churches in the area such as Horizon North County hosts “grief share” workshops and “divorce care” classes.

These are wonderful ways to connect with others who have suffered similar losses and to find comfort and support from those people and also from our Creator God who loves us all so dearly.

So, if you have suffered loss either through death of a loved one, or divorce, don’t go it alone.  Search for a support group near you.

When we reach out for help, we can facilitate the healing of hearts.  It hurts to lose loved ones, but when you grieve, you can also heal and have JOY again.

Sending those of you who are hurting, much love, and prayers for healing.

San Diego Estate Planning Attorney,

Kristina Hess

p.s. be sure to check out my events page for a listing of our upcoming workshops… Make sure you children are protected and provided for!