San Diego Asset Protection

You May Ask Yourself … is it Really Necessary to Protect Your Money?

If you want to avoid losing your hard earned wealth in claims or litigation, then, yes, it is necessary to protect your money. America has become a very litigious society and insurance coverage is often not enough.

Who Needs Asset Protection?

  • Anyone who is in a high risk profession or practice (doctors, business owners, fiduciaries)
  • Anyone with employees
  • Anyone with equity in their assets
  • Anyone not sleeping or worrying about lawsuits

The Mission:

  • Protect Your Money
  • Reduce Your Estate Taxes
  • Identify Tax Savings Strategies
  • Protect Assets From Lawsuits

What kinds of claims will asset protection planning address?

There is the distinction between asset protection and insurance:

  • Asset Protection focuses on providing time, flexibility and options aimed at protecting one’s assets.
  • Insurance is protection from a particular thing you do (like driving a car).
  • Both are Important and work together by insuring what is insurableand by providing options for protecting assets in the event that insurance is not available or simply fails.

How to Begin

  • The best way to begin is with an ANALYSIS
  • We will jointly review your assets and risk profile.
  • We will inform you which of your assets are already protected and to what extent, and which are not.
  • We will make a clear and detailed recommendation on what you can do to implement our Asset Protection Plan.

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