San Diego Estate Planning Attorney

San Diego Families, Everyone Needs An Estate Plan

If you died tomorrow, would the people you care about the most be taken care of?

Make sure that your loved ones are cared for, you are taken care of in the event of incapacity and you avoid a messy, expensive Probate Court process for your loved ones … Estate Planning is a loving gift for those left behind.

  • A strategic estate plan provides your family with ready access to assets, guardians available for children, and makes sure foster care is avoided;
  • A “funded” strategic estate plan avoids the California probate courts, and losing tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in court costs and fees;
  • A strategic estate plan can also provide your heirs with divorce and creditor protection, empowering them for generations;
  • A strategic estate plan allows you to structure your children or grandchildren’s inheritance incentivizing them to be productive and responsible;
  • A strategic estate plan makes sure you are protected and provided for if you ever become incapacitated;
  • A strategic estate plan can make all the difference – it gives you peace of mind, resting easy knowing you have done everything you can to make things easier for your loved ones and that you will be taken care of.

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Create an Estate Plan to suit your values, vision and dreams

With the guidance of an experienced personal estate planning attorney, you will at a minimum make sure you have the five legal documents every adult needs. You will establish Wills and Trusts, name guardians, complete advance health care directives and powers of attorney, and protect your assets from probate and other potential threats such as taxes, creditors, or divorced spouses. You are also building a foundation for future generations to thrive, so go ahead and dream.

We offer Three Different Levels of Estate Planning…

KR Hess Law has skillfully developed three levels of estate planning to cover a range of needs, depending on your family’s circumstances and assets. Naturally, each individual and family is unique, and for that reason Kristina works with each client to develop a plan specific to their requirements.  However, your family’s investment into one of KR Hess Law’s Estate Protection Planning Packages will be a flat fee agreed to in advance that will include all meetings, phone calls, and planning documents. We have thrown out the time clocks, so you never have to fear calling your attorney with questions. We encourage client communication because we want to be your lawyers for life and one of your most trusted advisers as you build wealth and create powerful, enduring legacies that span generations.

During your Estate Planning Strategy Session, with Estate Planning Attorney, Kristina R. Hess, you will explore which planning level best suits your needs.  The highlights of the plans are below.

Level 1: Will Plan

For the individual who does not own real estate or have significant assets over $150,000 but still needs protection and provision for incapacity and health care decisions.

Create Your Legacy Today Simple Plans  

Level 2: Estate Protection Plan

For the individual or family who owns a home and other assets, wants to make sure they give what they want, to whom they want, when they want; wants to make sure loved ones avoid the probate courts; they are provided for in the event of incapacity; this Living Trust based plan provides a rock solid legal foundation.

Create Your Legacy Today  Estate Protection Plans 

Level 3:  Premium Funded Estate Protection Plan

Our premium plan provides the best long term investment. The premium package is for the individual or family that in addition to the estate protection plan, wants the Best Trust Design, wants our Funding Coordinator to do the Trust Funding for them, wants unlimited lifetime updates to their plan, Family Meetings, and Legacy Conversation Videos. With the premium plan, not only will you make sure that your Trust is completely funded and will work, you will make exactly how you intended when the time comes, you will make sure that your plan is kept up to date over time and evolves with you.

Advanced Full Service Planning

Some people may need a more advanced estate plan, one designed to protect against the claims of creditors or frivolous lawsuits. See our Asset Protection Page. Others may need a plan to protect against estate taxes, Business Succession Planning, Irrevocable Trusts, Life Insurance Trusts, QPRTs, GRATS, GRITS or other irrevocable trusts. KR HESS LAW also regularly prepares Retirement Legacy Trusts which ensure your hard earned retirement assets are passed to beneficiaries with creditor protection and with the “stretch” selected for the distributions from the accounts, to allow compound interest to work for your heirs while minimizing taxes.

KR Hess Law will work with you to evaluate your needs and advise you on which advanced planning tools will best enhance your Estate Protection Plan based upon your goals and objectives.

Here at KR HESS Law we want to be your Trusted Advisor for life and we are team players and willingly partner with your personal financial planner or other advisor, and works with tax specialists, to make sure all your bases are covered and you have a plan that works for you and your family. Whatever your ultimate needs may be, you can depend on KR Hess Law to secure your needs and desires into a comprehensive estate plan.

Estate Plan Reviews and Restatements

Has your life changed since you created your estate plan?

A lot can happen in a short time. Have you had children, been married, divorced, acquired or sold property or real estate? If so, you need to have an estate planning attorney review your will or trust.

Is your Trust more than 5 years old?

If your Trust is more than 5 years old, and you have an older “A-B” Trust design where the assets split into two or more Trusts upon the first spouse’s death, then, your Trust could potentially cost your heirs hundreds of thousands of dollars in AVOIDABLE capital gains taxes. Please contact us immediately to make sure your Trust is up to date and does not contain out of date estate tax language that could cost you thousands.

Get a second opinion on your plan because your loved ones are worth it!

Make sure you execute a proper amendment

Some people want to know if they can just write a piece of paper and attach it to their trust or mark up their trust, crossing out the names and writing in new ones. Foremost, you must follow the directions contained in your original trust for making amendments and also the California Probate Code.

When making changes that could drastically affect your loved ones, consult a professional, follow your trust, and don’t make handwritten changes.

KR Hess Law offers a membership program to safeguard your estate plan or a Premium Plan with Lifetime Access. For a monthly or annual flat fee, you get unlimited changes or updates to your plan. With that kind of access, you can always be sure that your plan is up to date and your amendments are done properly.

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