San Diego Child Guardianship Planning

Are your children protected if something were to happen to you?

As a mother of three, Kristina understands first-hand how important it is to make sure your children never end up in the arms of strangers and are provided for and taken care of if the unthinkable happens.

With a Child Guardianship Plan, you can ensure that your children will not spend a minute in foster care if anything happens to you. We help you choose the right legal guardians for your children and avoid the most common guardianship mistakes. Failure to properly designate legal guardians could mean your families feuding over who will raise your children. A judge would ultimately decide based upon court submission. Don’t leave your children to chance, make sure they are protected and provided for. Plus, we make sure your financial resources are immediately available to your chosen guardians to care for your children.

Even if you have a will in place, your children may not be protected in the short term! But do not worry! San Diego estate attorney Kristina Hess will help you find any holes in your existing estate plan or create a new plan that protects your children.

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