We Can’t Leave a Legacy if Our Kids Don’t Survive

As a mother of three boys, my heart just breaks with the recent news about two separate teenaged boys who died in car accidents.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of these boys — Alex Capozza and William Wardrip.

It saddens me greatly and also causes fear for my own boys when they reach their teenage years!  How can we encourage our kids to make sure they ALWAYS wear their seatbelts!  Each of these San Diego County youths was killed because he was in a car crash and was not wearing a seat belt!

Alas, it is a reminder to us all that we cannot take our tomorrows for granted.  It emphasizes the importance of planning and prevention!

I have told my boys the stories of these other boys — so that they can learn and hopefully avoid these life ending mistakes.

We want to create legacies for future generations. Yet, if our kids don’t survive our legacy through them is cut off prematurely.

As one parent wisely shared, it’s not just the big decisions that matter, sometimes it’s the little decisions, like getting in a car with another teenage driver, and deciding to wear your seatbelt.


Sometimes, it is the little decisions that can mean so much.

We pray for these families that they will find comfort.  And we pray for all our San Diego kids that they will be protected.