KR Hess Affiliates with Asset Protection Planning Firm

KR Hess affiliates with the #1 Asset Protection Planning Firm to help you protect your assets

From the Desk of Trust Attorney in San Diego, Kristina R. Hess:

It is an unfortunate reality that we live in a litigious society.  Many of the claims brought by plaintiffs and their attorneys are questionable.   There are aggressive plaintiff attorneys who play the system.   They understand that the cost of litigation is significant (one source estimates pre-trial litigation defense costs at approximately $90,000).  If an opportunistic plaintiff can allege tort claims (that are not typically covered by insurance) and coerce a defendant into settling — they figure they win.

Litigation can arise from a host of activities,  a late night cocktail and getting behind the wheel; a car accident; employees suing your business; patients or clients suing your business; injuries on your property… the list goes on.

We all need to protect our assets.

KR HESS LAW, is excited to announce an affiliation with the number one Asset Protection Planning firm in the country, Lodmell and Lodmell.

I did a lot of research into asset protection planning for some clients.   I discovered that there are often two main approaches:   1) Domestic Asset Protection Plans (which are not usually very protective, especially for California residents); and 2) Foreign Asset Protection Trusts.

Lodmell’s solution is the best I’ve seen.  A Bridge Trust that stays in the US until a threat arises.

I recently recorded a webinar with Doug Lodmell, which you can view at Check it out.

Here is my video newsletter, recapping the  IRA Legacy Trust and announcing the Asset Protection Affiliation….

We create better legacies when we actually have assets that are protected from predators and creditors.    I know when you have poured your sweat and tears into your business,  your investments, or your work, the last thing you want is to lose what you have worked so hard to build from predatory lawsuits.

You can protect your assets, and a good Asset Protection Plan is the best way.

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Create Your Lasting Legacy,

Kristina R. Hess, Attorney and Counselor, Probate, Wills, Trusts, and Asset Protection Planning in San Diego