Happy Thanksgiving! Inspiring Generosity

From the Desk of San Diego Probate and Trust Attorney, Kristina R. Hess, of KR Hess Law, PC.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I say this every year, but Thanksgiving is my FAVORITE holiday.  Expressing Gratitude is so important and allows us to open our minds and hearts to all of our blessings and makes room for more.

Even now, in the midst of difficult times with internal division, my hope and prayer is that people from all sides can find the things that they are grateful for, that we once again would be united, that people who need greater protection and justice be given that.

I am so grateful for you who are reading this.  I am grateful for my amazing clients who inspire me everyday.  I am so grateful that  I get the honor and privilege of helping them plan their estates, protect their loved ones, be good stewards, give back, and set things up in the best way possible to make sure they are taken care, their loved ones are taken care of, they are empowering the generations with wisdom around money, with good planning, and hopefully good instruction and communication.

It is a joy and a privilege.

I am grateful for my amazing boys who are day by day growing into young men.

I am grateful for our new office and our new Client Services Director, Sonja Fraser, who is doing a fantastic job.

I am grateful for your referrals and the steady stream of people you send my way.

I am grateful for yoga and soccer and the great group of people who participate in those activities.

I am grateful for my God without whom nothing else would matter or be possible.

I am grateful for our great country and to live in beautiful San Diego.

I am grateful for new dreams and visions.

I am grateful that so much more is possible than the limitations we set for ourselves.

I am grateful for Leonardo da Vinci who inspires me to want to do miracles too.

I am grateful that the best is yet to come!!!

I could go on and on :).

I am grateful for generosity and the opportunity we all have to push ourselves to give more of ourselves to the world!

Here is the first part video on Generosity

I want to talk to you about Generosity.  I put together a new mission/vision statement for KR Hess Law and the work we are doing.  Here is a shot of the canvas that www.luminarygx.com created for us.

Inspire Generosity … Empower the Generations … Create Legacies that Last

Generosity can be a verb as one who gives freely, generous is an adjective that describes a person who gives freely without holding back.  (Yes, I realize generosity is a noun).

More than that — generosity is a mindset.  It is a character trait.  It is a matter of the heart.  Generosity comes from a place of love and internal abundance.  Generosity does not flow out of a poverty or scarcity mentality.

Generosity is not just about money.  Generosity is giving of time, of talent and perhaps your treasure.

Why Would You Want To Be Generous?

A proverb says that “the generous soul shall prosper.”  You shall prosper.  Generosity of soul, of mind, of heart, will keep the darkness away.

I was recently reading an article about the global economic crisis of 2008 that was spurred by the crisis in the mortgage banking industry in this country.  And many of the actors involved on all sides (many, not all) were motivated by greed.  They were driven by greed such that they ignored certain rules and regulations.  The result when this behavior goes unchecked is global financial disaster.  Many thousands of people lost much.

A conscious choice to be generous will drive away greed.

Just as faith and fear cannot coexist in your heart at the same time — Generosity and Greed cannot coexist.

When you give to others, it will be given back to you.  It is a spiritual law.  Regardless of your beliefs, spiritual laws are true when applied.

I was recently watching some videos done by Bo Eason www.boeason.com and he had another definition of generosity.  He was talking about being generous with oneself.  Giving all of yourself all the time.  Whether you are with your children or your grandchildren, your significant other, as you build your business, or your career, in your play — give all of yourself  to the people and to the task.  Be generous in giving of yourself.

So today, I encourage you to be generous.  First be generous with  yourself, and with those in your world, by giving of yourself fully in each moment. Then, consider how you can be generous to those around you.  You shall prosper.

I want nothing more for you to prosper in your mind, body, and spirit.

This has been San Diego Trust Attorney, Kristina Hess, hopefully inspiring your generosity.