A Strategic Estate Plan Makes All the Difference

Are the people you love provided for in the event of your death? Have you left the legacy you intended? Experienced San Diego estate planning attorney Kristina R. Hess would like to help you form a strategic estate plan and create a legacy that lasts generations.

What is Estate Planning?

San Diego Estate Planning Lawyer, Kristina R. Hess discusses estate planning strategy and how we can help you.

Kids Protection Planning and Child Guardianship

San Diego Guardianship Lawyer, Kristina R. Hess talks about how to protect your children in the event that you are not able to with a child guardianship plan.

Special Needs Planning

San Diego Special Needs planning lawyer, Kristina R. Hess discusses how to plan for your special needs children. A special needs trust can provide for your child while maintaining elligibility for government assistance and services.