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December 2023

How to Make Sure Your Living Trust Doesn’t Fail

… and how to transfer your real estate, bank accounts and other assets to your Trust.

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Advanced Estate Tax Planning: To SLAT or not to SLAT

… for those with large estates is a Spousal Lifetime Access Trust right for you?  Why you need to plan now before the Estate Tax Exclusion Amount and Lifetime Gift Exclusion Are Cut in Half ($5 million) on 12/31/2025

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The NEW Corporate Transparency Act

… what you need to know about the new Federal Treasury reporting requirements for entities such as Corporations and LLCs.

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These webinars will be hosted by San Diego Trust and Estate Planning attorney, Kristina R. Hess, who has over 24 years of experience and is a Certified Specialist in Estate Planning, Trust & Probate Law, she is a Berkely Law Grad and her mission is to inspire generosity, empower your generations and equip you to create legacies.

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