The Gift of Grace

From the Desk of San Diego Trust and Probate Attorney, Kristina Hess

Last week I was writing about 2012 being the year to make big gifts… for some.

But maybe you are saying to yourself, that’s great, but I’m not in the multi-million dollar estate range and so the opportunity to gift millions this year and pay the gift tax as opposed to the estate tax doesn’t really help or inspire me.

But fear not, there is something even more valuable that you can gift each and every day and that my friends, is the gift of grace.

I’m not talking about grace of movement — you know those graceful people that seem to glide across the dance floor or across the playing field.

I’m talking about the grace of favor that may not be earned.

Giving someone something like forgiveness when they do not deserve it.

You can leave a legacy with money, but you know you can also live your life each day giving others the gift of your love, the gift of forgiveness — gifts of intangible value.

Gifts that create a life that will matter to those who are in your circle of influence.

Create your legacy today!

Kristina Hess

San Diego Trust and Probate Attorney