So much to do and so little time … Legacies, Estate Planning … What?

Today my head was filled with ideas.

I looked at my “To Do” list that I wrote out before leaving the office yesterday, and added on to that were so many things…

What to focus on first?

Taking care of self — need to get that pedicure!   After months of talking about doing it, actually scheduled a massage with my favorite Zar Mo Neet Salon in Solana Beach.

Exercise — need to activate that gym membership and add yoga in to my exercise routine once per week (and keep running, so I’m in soccer shape for upcoming tournament)…

Eat healthy (grocery shopping? dinner studio?  healthy meals for family provided by husband? or helper?)

Business — continue work on marketing plan, talk to assistant about scheduling upcoming events for October and November, hire another assistant, write blog articles, write article and do research, work on client estate plans, install new business planning software, the list really just goes on and on.

Oh, and least I forget – spend quality time with my children and spouse.

Serve and be of service to others…

You can see how if you think about what we “want” to do, what we “should” do, and what we “need” to do it really is enough to make your head spin.

Nothing will be perfect.  There is not enough time in the day to have every ball in the air, spinning just perfectly so…

So, what is a business owner, mom, part-time athlete to do?

The experts would say, prioritize!  Oh, yeah that.  But prioritizing within the greater context of your values and intentions.

I can see why people put off estate planning, or why they  have good intentions of getting a kids protection plan in place, so their children don’t end up in foster care, but get busy, put it off for tomorrow, but then, tomorrow doesn’t come.

AND, if you are fortunate and nothing bad happens, great!  But, there are no promises of tomorrow.  Ask people, like me, who have lost loved ones suddenly.  You aren’t prepared, not really.  So, it’s time to move estate planning up on the list of priorities.

And, it’s time for me to take a deep breath and realize that I cannot do everything, be everything, or have everything (and I don’t want it all)…. but within the context of my life, and my desire to make a positive difference in the lives of those around me, I can do my part to serve my clients, serve my family, and serve my God.

And after that, make sure your estate plan is in place, up to date, and go have some fun!

Enjoy life, live your legacy, and then leave a legacy that lasts!



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