San Diego Attorney to Provide No Cost Wills

Press Release

No Cost Wills for Those in Need in Light of COVID-19

San Diego Estate Planning Attorney, Kristina R. Hess is offering no cost wills for local residents in need, in light of the COVID-19 crisis that has swept across the world. “Now more than ever, it is critical that San Diegans get a will and/or trust in place to make sure their assets go to their loved ones in the way they want, when they want while avoiding the expensive probate court process,” Kristina R. Hess explains.

In light of the potentially deadly virus (COVID-19) it may be a matter of urgency for many San Diegans to get their legal affairs in order. Kristina R Hess, lost her own father suddenly 12 years ago, and understands the shock of losing a loved one before his or her time. In the midst of a painful loss, the last thing the family wants to deal with is an estate with no legal planning that must go through the California Probate Court process.

However, every day people pass away without setting up a living Trust or having executed other essential estate planning documents.

“For Californians with assets under $166,000 who do not own real estate, a will would be sufficient.” Kristina further explains. “However, for those who own real estate or have assets over $166,000 then, a living trust is the way to go to avoid the San Diego Probate Courts upon death.”

During the COVID-19 crisis, Ms. Hess’ firm, KR Hess Law, PC has been working with clients remotely via video meetings and e-mail to establish their estate planning documents and then signing them with a mobile notary who maintains social distance, wears gloves and a protective face mask. California has not yet implemented remote notary procedures as other states have during this COVID-19 crisis. The offer to do a will at no cost is limited on first come first serve basis with limited number each month. The free offer does not include those who need a living trust or more advanced estate planning. The “No Cost Will Project” is a pro bono project of KR Hess Law, PC to help those in need with an essential service. “It is our way of doing what we can to help our local community during this time of crisis.” Kristina R. Hess Estate attorney provided.

For more information about Kristina Hess’ estate planning and probate services call: 858-461-6844 or visit For those San Diegans who own real estate or have assets over the $166,000 threshold, Ms. Hess is offering complimentary video “Estate and Legacy Strategy Sessions” and she is also offering free estate planning education via webinar at