Lawyers Who Make House Calls?

Well… it’s a house call of sorts.

On New Year’s Day I did a Signing Ceremony at our client’s home. A Signing Ceremony is where the clients sign their Living Trust, Wills, Kids Protection Plan (short and long term guardian nominations and a host of other documents to protect and provide for our little people), Advance Health Care Directives, Power of Attorney… You know, all the legal documents that San Diego Families really need to have to take care of themselves, their assets, and their loved ones in the event something were to happen.

The Signing Ceremony took place at our client’s home on New Year’s Day.  How cool is that to have the John and Sue Smith Living Trust dated 1/1/10? (names have been changed of course!)

It’s a nice little perk that we offer our clients.  Especially for our clients who have young children, it’s nice not to have to worry about getting a babysitter or to make another trip to your lawyer’s office (after you have spent time there designing your Estate Plan).  We can make house calls and do Signing Ceremonies at our clients’ homes.

What a great concept!  Some of our clients love it while others prefer to come to our conveniently located Carmel Valley Office for their Signing Ceremony.

Either way, for KR Hess Law, it’s all about providing extraordinary client service.  Time to plan your estate today.

Let me know how I can help.

San Diego’s Personal Family Lawyer,

Kristina Hess

San Diego’s Estate Planning Attorney