How To Avoid the 7 Biggest Estate Planning Mistakes

This Special Report will open your eyes to key components in your estate plan that will make things as easy as possible for your family and loved ones when you can no longer be here.

  • Failing to Plan — If you fail to plan, the state of California has a default plan for you, and it’s called Probate court.
  • The Do It Yourself Plan — Cheap options could cost your loved ones after you’re gone.
  • Your Plan is Out-of-Date — Often, estate plans fail because they become outdated after only a few years.
  • Failing to Fund Your Trust the Right Way — even if you have a trust, it won’t be funded if your assets are not transferred correctly.
  • Your Plan Misses Key Points — Your Estate Plan needs to be custom-tailored to your situation. A template or traditional estate planning model will leave holes in your plan.
  • Your Plan Gives Power, But No Guidance — Your planning documents give people a lot of power over your life, assets and children, but do they provide enough guidance?
  • Your Plan Ignores Your Most Important Assets — Your values, wisdom, beliefs, social and emotional resources are so much more valuable.

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