Creating Legacies – Letters that Last

From the Desk of San Diego Trust Attorney, San Diego Estate Planning Kristina Hess:

A part of my San Diego estate planning practice includes providing people with the opportunity to record a “legacy” video where they impart life lessons, family history, thoughts for their children or grandchildren.  This is a priceless activity and can even help you live your life today with more meaning when you remind yourself of what really matters and what wisdom you want to impart to future generations.

I recently came across a letter my father had written to me on my 16th birthday.

This discovery came at a particularly difficult and painful time in my life and it has been very comforting, inspiring and encouraging to read these words again.  Truly words to live by.
Dear Kris,

Now that you are 16, it seems appropriate to share some of the things which are important.

First, you are a wonderful daughter who has provided her dad with much joy.
Your zest for life, ready smile, and infectious enthusiasm are a great source of happiness to me.

Your willingness to listen and adopt my motto that “can’t” is not in our vocabulary is a source of pride.

You’ve just experienced your first failure in school.  Remember creating error is how we grow – it reveals truth.

In the next few years, you will make many decisions about life.
Some things I think important are:

  1. Be lucky!  Luck = preparation meeting opportunity.
  2. The future is yours to prayfully choose.  Whatever you choose with conviction will be your future.
  3. Positive thinkers get things done.  Negative thinkers are like a heavy chain.
  4. Winners do what others won’t – they pay the price; there is no free lunch.
  5. Be a loving, forgiving person.
  6. Written goals and plans are like a roadmap.  Write your dreams down.
  7. If God is for you, who can be against you?
  8. Don’t worry — most fears never come to pass anyway.

I hope your birthday is wonderful.  Enjoy your car, puppy, and other presents.

Drive as if everyone on the road is a drunk madman — be cautious, be careful, don’t show off.

I love you and hope we have many more years together.

Your dad – your pal 

Create your legacy today!

Take time to record your priceless thoughts for your children and grandchildren.

life is short, enjoy the moment!

Live your dreams.

Create legacies that last,

Kristina Hess

Del Mar, Carmel Valley, San Diego Trust and Estate Attorney