7 Easy Steps to Protect Our Kids (Seminar)

We held two seminars on “7 Easy Steps to Protect Your Kids if Something Were to Happen” last week and they were a big success!

Thank you to all the families that joined us for this fun and educational event!

We discussed the 7 Easy Steps to protect and provide for our kids. We also discussed Estate Planning what it means, and how it can help families preserve their assets, protect their loved ones’ inheritance from lawsuits, divorce, etc. and avoid the expense, time delay, and public nature of probate.

If you missed our seminar, we will be offering another one on Saturday, January 9, 2010, at 9:30 a.m. at Pump It Up in Sorrento Valley. Don’t miss out.

Your kids have a blast while you learn about how to protect and provide for them and make sure they never spend a minute in the arms of strangers were something to happen to you.

Register for future events at the events page.

Hope to see you there!